Hi I'm YommyWins

Last update: Jul 19, 2024


My description is : I am someone who finds joy in treating others with kindness and tenderness. My creativity is an essential part of how I interact with the world, always looking for new and special ways to make those around me smile. Laughter is my constant companion; I love to spread good humor and enjoy light and fun moments. I am quite demanding of myself, always striving to do my best in everything I do. My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that I have made the people around me feel good, making every interaction special and memorable for them.

I like: What attracts me to a person is that they treat me gently but in bed they treat me a little rough, either with slaps, spankings or consensual "submissions", I also like from time to time to be the one in control. I am interested when they treat me in a nice way, they are detailed, they give me compliments and have a good topic of conversation.

I don't like: I don`t like that they are rude or that they are telling me things that I don`t really do, that they want to be smart with me and don`t fulfill what I want.










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