Hi I'm ValeryJonas

Last update: Nov 24, 2022


My description is : I am a very emotional person, I love listening to other people, I can become very reserved but when I feel confident I can show my different facets, I am authentic, fun, outgoing, I love enjoying the pleasures of life and what But I certainly enjoy good sex.

I like: I really like art in all its expressions, I like everything that can be interpreted or perceived from it, I really like learning new things, meeting authentic people, I love different people, people you can learn new things

I don't like: I do not like people who do not know what they want or who want to attract attention by being something that is not just for wanting to fit in, people who do not know how to respect and who do not know how to say things, people who do not have empathy and who only they think of their own benefit or their own pleasure.










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