Hi I'm ValentinaMartini

Last update: Nov 30, 2023


My description is : One of the greatest things in life is to be able to learn new things and to share what makes U happy. I am here to be Ur new addiction, the girl how is gonna turn it all about pleasure for U. Lemme tell U who I am, lemme show U what I have to make all Ur dreams come true. U'll find the perfect match btwn lust and seduction when U look straight to my eyes while we talk, while U lend me Ur fantasies, while U are set to enjoy with me. I know, I know, U are looking for an open minded girl... Well, here I am, what U have for me?

I like: To make friends and to show emapthy in a rude world. I have found inspiration in the important things, the small ones, I love music and I use as muse my likes, the persons I've met, and sing, write and compose the most beautiful songs form my soul. I gotta be honest, sports make me feel alive, dancing, skating, running and enjoying nature in my bike, I'll tell U the rest of me when U let me be ā™„

I don't like: I prefer to stay away form Rude people, I don't like rushing in life, but a good quicky could make my day










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