Hi I'm SkyeBlue

Last update: Jul 10, 2024


My description is : I love cultivating good habits in my life, as well as valuable friendships that last forever not just a few hours. I have a passion and they are animals and nature, my mission in the future is to be able to help non-profit foundations in favor of the conservation of the environment and help unprotected animals. My pets have been removed from the streets. I like respectful men with kind hearts. Of those who know how to appreciate women, Maybe you like to laugh, because sometimes I say absurd things and dances with light bulbs, I just want to be happy and know that I dedicate my time wisely with people who love me, My program is not only sexual, You can also talk to me, laugh and what comes from your heart, I am extremely generous and attentive to the people who support me for what I am and not just for a show, these people will have my attention and priority in my time online and outside line I always pay attention to my list of spectators, I like it when I see regular names there.

I like: I like it when I see regular names there (I have a good memory with nicknames), but it bothers me a lot if you are a person who only visits my program at the time of the fun, and does not even take the time to greet me or at least support me during the goal.

I don't like: I love walks outdoors on a sunny day, but I hate days with a lot of sun and heat, since I am a light-skinned girl and I don't like having my skin tanned. I love action and comedy movies, but I hate scary movies or movies with a lot of drama. I love having pets but it makes me sad to see so many little animals helpless on the street. Don't forget to open the car door for me.










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