Hi I'm RaisaReyna

Last update: Nov 24, 2022


My description is : Some people are born to be wild, I guess is safe to say that I am among the lucky ones that were born under this sign. I am wild, but not reckless. I am young, but not naive. I am playful, but not a toy. I can bend over and still be classy just as I can talk dirty and still be a lady. Yes, I have a way with words as I have a way with everything, I am that hot woman that is able to hold you down...

I like: Oh, I just love living life and make it my bitch. I like fun talks and walks, watching movies or reading books. I like good music and I like my men....obedient. I like them obedient, but not soft, you still need to be a man around me. What else do I like

I don't like: Damn, it would be a long list if I were to write all, don`t forget that I am a woman, I have tons of things I don`t like. What I don`t especially like are for sure the fake players, those macho guys that think all women are dumb. They will have a surprise










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