Hi I'm PandoraMiller

Last update: Jul 19, 2021


My description is : My curiosity has led me to open more than a few boxes of trouble, but it has also shown me many wonderful discoveries (and who says every box full of trouble is bad?). I’m willing to experiment and try new things. Will you be my next box of trouble or a wonderful discovery? And what new things will you suggest I try?

I like: I believe there is good in every person and that love at first sight is a real thing. I love children and animals. You can often find me having fun in a big, noisy group of friends, but you’re just as likely to find me curled up under a warm blanket wat

I don't like: I do not like hypocritical and vile people, I can not calmly look at injustice ...But even more, I can not stand when people whine about how bad everything is, while not trying to change anything.

Build: petite
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: green
Hair Length: shoulder length










Breast Size

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