Hi I'm MelGifson

Last update: Aug 11, 2022


My description is : Hi, I'm Mel, I'm 18 years old and I live in Germany. From an early age I like to watch various films and from here I had a dream - to become popular. I like to eat fast food, cheesecakes and soups. From music, I prefer something from the indie and alternative genre, and my favorite film is The Lighthouse 2019.

I like: A very important component of sex is trust, from which you will always be open to any experiments. What I like most about him is to obey, but I'm also a generalist. My sexual dream is to find a sweet daddy who would dress me in various cute outfits and take tight control over me at night. I also love BDSM

I don't like: I do not like rudeness in all manifestations, the exception is a role-playing game. Therefore, if you are rude, then we will not get along with you, be kind to each other










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