Hi I'm LoreneBlake

Last update: Jun 23, 2022


My description is : Anything you wanna do in life, make sure you put your heart into it! I can say I am a dedicated woman, a classy lady and an elegant person. I am altruist, so I always do anything in my power to make sure everyone around me feels happy and content! So join me in this journey and let me discover you and your passions, let me be your guide and your muse! are you ready for the adventure of your life?

I like: Like any other girl, I am easily impressed by puppies and kittens and anything sweet. If you ever want to win me over, all you'd have to do is get me to an animal shelter and feed me chocolate covered strawberries... That shouldn't be so hard, right? If y

I don't like: There's little to no things that can bring me down, but cold coffee just isn't my thing... But anything can be solved with a little dancing around the house;

Build: athletic
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: green
Hair Length: shoulder length










Breast Size

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