Hi I'm LaraVaughn

Last update: Nov 29, 2021


My description is : Hey stranger, I am Lara ? I am a curious, explorative and reflective person who equally likes to get to know people in their essence and contemplate the mysteries of life. I am passionate about things that can help me discover myself and grow, too many to list here. Tell me your passions, we might share a few. Or, if your passion is me, I will be happy to share more about myself with you ?ā¤

I like: A summary of my likes would be: dancing, massage, yoga, tantra, psychology, personal development, radical honesty, conscious relationships and conscious sexuality, environmentalism, travelling, reading, writing, art and more. I dream to have my own ethica

I don't like: I am a positive person so this list is much shorter, however I certainly dislike lack of attention and of patience, quick and superficial judgements, uncontrolled vulgarity (there is also an art of using it in small doses for a funky effect), laziness, d

Build: athletic
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Hair Length: shoulder length










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