Hi I'm KassieDominguez

Last update: Jul 15, 2024


My description is : Hi! I'm Kassie 🙆‍♀️, a beautiful, authentic, different and somewhat tender lady. I lead a healthy life and train at the gym 💪. I love exploring new places 🗺️, reading books 📚 and watching movies 🎬. I'm always looking for new experiences to learn and improve 🌸🌹. The gym is my second home 🏋️‍♀️, where I train my body and mind. I enjoy creativity 🎨. I am very social and love meeting new people 👥. I believe in the power of human connections and I am always willing to support my friends 🤝.My goal is to grow and improve every day 🌟, seeking professional success and personal happiness. I want to live a full life, surrounded by inspiring people 💖✨ Say hello if we cross paths! I'm sure that together we can share great moments 😄.

I like: I love to train 💪, go out to good restaurants 🍽️, and lead a healthy full life 🌟. I would love to meet a guy who knows what he wants 💖 and that every day teaches me new things about him and his world 🌍.

I don't like: I don't like people who don't know what they want 🙅‍♀️, cold food ❄️🍲, not having someone to share my bed with 🛏️😔.










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