Hi I'm Healtheworld

Last update: Jun 24, 2021


My description is : I am a man, a random person, someone like any other maybe, but once you get to know me on the inside you will see something beautiful inside, a spark, a home, a calling. I consider myself a modest person, with some sharpened qualities in which, even so, i do not define myself. I am an infinite soul and human being, i can be anything, but most important i can be here for you ! Love is the way!

I like: What i enjoy the most is beautiful people and i'm not talking about the cover. Beautiful souls whom even if they didn't have the easiest life, they smile, they love, they are open and they help ! Everything else is an illusion, as so is reality. All we ha

I don't like: I can't say i dislike something as i cannot judge and never will. Everything people say or do has a cause and an effect. I do not judge the effect, i prefer to check which is the cause and work together there. Everyone is special, so special, they just ne

Build: athletic
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: green
Hair Length: short










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