Hi I'm EvaRymmar

Last update: Jul 01, 2022


My description is : I completely changed my life several years ago, frankly speaking, I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams such a twisted journey that has shaken up my personality. But for it, I wouldn't have overcome my fears, learned to let go of unhealthy relationships and now I'm glad to give a hand to those who need support or just chit-chat over coffee to share positive vibes.

I like: Ocean sounds, fragrance in Asian temples, courteous manners, sushi in good company, orchids, the movie Cloud Atlas and being on the same page with someone

I don't like: Unfinished businesses, untidy as well as overcrowded places, cold, gloomy weather, be in the red, tasteless, tawdry garments, be forced to do sth that I find meaningless

Build: medium
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: green
Hair Length: shoulder length










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