Hi I'm EmmaScott

Last update: May 04, 2021


My description is : Look into my eyes while I slowly strip off my layers of innocence, becoming your newest passion, your newest addiction, your ultimate sin. Eye contact is way more intimate than words could ever be. Take my hand and step into my beautiful world of passion where we’ll slowly undress our souls painting the faded parts with the shade of passion, desire and lust. Don't be afraid of the sin. Embrace it.

I like: I love it when I slowly step into your mind, discovering all of your desires, undressing your darkest thoughts and exploring their naked truths. I am good, but every good girl has a bad side. It’s the man’s job to awaken the beast inside. Watch me, touch

I don't like: Respect is a two-way street. If you want to get it, you have to give it. I am a tornado with pretty eyes and I treat people the way they treat me. Unless you don’t wanna see me being bitchy, I would appreciate if you would show me what a mannered man you










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BeautyTreats🍭:EmmaScott is our bisexual newbie. Lucky she gets to reach in anybody`s pants and be happy no matter what finds there! This 28 year old brown haired sex monster wants anal sex badly .


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