Hi I'm ChloeSteward

Last update: Aug 01, 2021


My description is : Hey guys,I am what you call a hopeless romantic, so expect me to bring some good music and champagne to our date!Are you also a romantic one?I want you to fall in love with my body and mind , to make it a date to remember, I want to be the girl of your dreams all wrapped in a nice looking package..we will remember every second spend together, what do you think..will you come closer ?:*:*:*

I like: I would love to get to know to know you better , there are so many things to say about me...I love watching TV series with a nice glass of wine, animals, travelling and see all this world has to offer, while our holiday finish with a lovely dinner on the

I don't like: I like a lot to respect, so try to respect me and the site rules and I will not be turned off ;)










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BeautyTreatsšŸ­:ChloeSteward is our bisexual newbie. Lucky she gets to reach in anybody`s pants and be happy no matter what finds there! This 20 year old black haired sex monster wants anal sex badly .


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