Hi I'm CarlaGirl

Last update: May 17, 2022


My description is : I have been in and out of this site for years, I am not the glamorous top model they promote but I am a friendly, good looking woman that loves to meet new people and explore life. I have lived 10 lives in one so you can be sure we will always have something to talk about, I know... Women! We do talk a lot and I make no exception! Lucky for us I am funny too! I will make you smile. So... SMILE!

I like: I like LIFE! With its good and bad times, with love and breakups, with success and failures. I like talking about it, I like being admired, I like flowers, animals and the mountains. I like people and I like smiles so I try to smile a lot. If you don't see me smiling, MAKE ME!

I don't like: Those macho guys that think they rule the world, rude people and sex freaks. Just be a decent person, it costs you nothing but it will gain you so much.

Build: athletic
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blue
Hair Length: long










Breast Size

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