Hi I'm BeverlyBell

Last update: Sep 23, 2022


My description is : My name is Beverly but you can call me little blonde princess! I am purposeful and will never let myself be offended, so just dare to say something bad about me! Better look for bright emotions, oh, I know how to give pleasure, you definitely won’t be disappointed in me... sometimes I'm hot-tempered, but often I'm friendly and sexy. I'm not the smartest in the world, but I'm sure you can teach me!

I like: Most of all I like sex, I am very hyperactive and sociable. I love delicious food and I love beautiful men and women, and I especially like to imagine various kinds of role-playing games when I'm bored. I dream of becoming a princess that the prince will save and do with me whatever he wants as my gratitude! you will forever remain in my heart if you fulfill my desires!

I don't like: I don’t know what I don’t like, but I definitely can’t stand any whiners and nurses, I always like to mock them until I meet my main tamer, who will cope with my temper and character, can satisfy all my sexual needs and become number one for me!










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BeautyTreats🍭:BeverlyBell is our bisexual newbie. Lucky she gets to reach in anybody`s pants and be happy no matter what finds there! This 19 year old blonde haired sex monster wants anal sex badly .


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