Hi I'm AvrilRogers

Last update: Feb 09, 2024


My description is : I am a girl full of creativity. I enjoy spending time with my family and working for my personal brand, as hobbies I have the gym and crafts, I am a very creative and loving person. In sex I like the passionate and when I have confidence I like to experience new things and rough play. I am a very charismatic girl who enjoys playing with your bodies and a hot chat!

I like: I love designing and creating jewelry, working, and creating the life of my dreams. I love sushi, and ice cream. I love to share with animals, I want to have a giant house full of them. One of my favorite moments is sharing with my family, and creating meaningful bonds. I love to play sports, run, go to the gym, swim, and skate. Lying down to watch the sky and the clouds. Traveling.

I don't like: I don't like problems, arguing, or hating. I don't like hospitals either. I hate selfish and problematic people. I don't like junk food or soda.










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