Hi I'm AmeliaLessi

Last update: Aug 18, 2022


My description is : Follow me to take a look behind the scenes of my life

I like: You know... she's like... Like from heaven... Free, like a bird flitting... A little proud... like fire, you know? Like nature in Paris - you'll never guess! Silent, all spoken in dance... Enchanted with a smile and a soft blush... but the eyes..... and her eyes are like wet grass... ...She's alone. you know? like a mirage, like a deception...

I don't like: I don't like hot weather. I don't like to get up before 12 p.m. I like to stay in bed until lunchtime. I don't like being late, punctuality is important to me. Honestly, I don't like to leave the house because I feel comfortable and safe in my home.

Build: skinny
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: green
Hair Length: long










Breast Size

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