Hi I'm AlicenFoster

Last update: Nov 29, 2023


My description is : In the past I was engaged in such sports as: volleyball, athletics, but because of injury had to leave professional sports :( But I still play sports as an amateur. I am fond of paleontology, I love movies about excavations, especially about the era of dinosaurs! At the same time I do volunteer work. I also write poetry, play ukulele. By character I am very kind and calm, but in some places I can be irascible. I can always be relied on, I like to help my loved ones, because it is very pleasant to see them happy.

I like: Animals, especially dogs, cats and horses, milk chocolate, gifts made by my own hands, nature, honesty in people as well as sincerity, Paleontology, historical movies and horror movies. watch anime and play games, my favorite game is Inscryption. Skating, listening to rock and metal music, drawing.

I don't like: Aggression and yelling, harsh language, lying, physical and emotional pressures, cold, dark chocolate, injustice, hunting and shooting animals, bicycling, bright lights.

Build: medium
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: green
Hair Length: shoulder length










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