Hi I'm AdelleParkers

Last update: Sep 22, 2023


My description is : Once upon a time, a dreamy girl named Adele lived in a quiet corner of town. Adele was charming and intelligent, but in her heart burned a passionate thirst for love. Adele dreamed of true, sincere and mutual love. She believed in the power of romance and was sure that somewhere there was her ideal life partner who would give her tenderness, understanding and support. She dreamed of a man who would share her passionate desires. Before going to sleep, she imagined meeting him and their bodies intertwining in a burst of passion. In the flurry of dreams, she barely restrained herself, caressing herself while sipping a glass of red wine. Despite her intimate desires, Adele had not forgotten about love and care. Perhaps here she would find her lover?

I like: I love sports and everything connected with it. I like sincerity, charisma and vulgarity in people. I will be glad if I meet a person here who shares my interests.

I don't like: I don't like insincere people.










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